Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who is this Child called Malori Grace?

Who Is This Child Called Malori Grace?

Who is this Child called Malori Grace
With soul-piercing blue eyes and a glow on her face
Long flowing hair, streaked with shimmering gold
Mysterious, angelic, with stories untold

So tender-hearted and full of compassion
A  beautiful princess, always in fashion
How can it be that she's only five
This dear little one already so wise

She's asking the questions that all of us fear
Real answers that many won't want to hear
"Mommy, please tell me, why are people so mean?"
"Nobody wants to be friends, so it seems."

Her tears and her questions are breaking the hearts
Of family and friends, so they their wisdom impart
For we all have been there, have been hurt by others
We want friends so badly, and sisters and brothers

She just wants to feel special and that she belongs
To some other "someone" who helps her feel strong
Someone to love her and be her best friend
Someone to play with and trust to the end

Dear Lord, I pray that she'll know what she's worth
To you, most of all, you who put her on earth
To bring joy to her family and all she will meet
This beautiful child, so lovely and sweet

She will have friends, of that I am sure
But in the meantime she'll have to endure
The process that all of us have to go through
Of waiting till you find the ones who'll be true

This dear little girl a lesson will teach
To all of us watching, so many she'll reach
She'll love the unlovely and their hurt not pay back
When people hurt others there's something they lack

Sensitive, spunky, caring, and giving
A lifetime ahead of glorious living
It just takes a glance at this heavenly face
To realize we're blessed to know Malori Grace

( © Poem by CJ Taylor - please do not copy)

"We love you, Malori!"

(I sat down and wrote this for Malori after she'd had a particularly difficult day.  When her mother picked her up at school, she was tearful and asked her mother why people were so mean.  She said it seemed that no one wanted to be her friend.  It made me sad...)