Sunday, April 10, 2011

Small but Great Things

Some "simple" things I am thankful for...

The sound....
of birds singing just before dawn
of children laughing
of a sincere "I love you"
of a person whistling when they're happy
of gentle rain at night
of many different kinds of music
of wind blowing through the pines
of a babbling stream
of waves as they roll onto the shore
of "Mom, I'm home!" as they come through the door

The sight ...
of people smiling
of clear blue skies
of puffy white clouds
of each sunrise and sunset
of fields of flowers
of the moon and stars at night
of family members hugging each other
of rainbows after a storm
of the first snowfall of winter
of the green of Spring
of the colors of Autumn
of WV mountains and hills

The aroma...
of coffee freshly brewing
of bacon frying
of bread, cakes, and cookies baking
of fresh strawberries
of marshmallows roasted over a wood fire
of fresh popcorn
of cotton candy
of sweet hyacinths and lily of the valley
of spice-scented petunias
of a baby after a bath

The touch...
of a loved one's hand
of a warm embrace
of a child's kiss on the cheek
of a gentle breeze
of my hair being brushed
of soft fluffy socks on my feet
of my cat nestled against me
of a warm bubble bath
of fresh linens on the bed

The taste...
of familiar "comfort foods" (like Grandma's)
of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day
of fresh lemonade on a hot summer's day
of sweet iced tea
of the first tomato and corn of the season
of homemade apple butter
of fresh fruit
of potatoes cooked all ways
of peanut butter with chocolate
of donuts and pastries
of that first morning cup of coffee


...of all these things and so much more...

( © Post and photo by CJ - please do not copy)