Saturday, September 21, 2013

On a cloudy morn, Moments before Sunrise (Saturday, September 21, 2013)...

"Even when we don't see it, just as the sky is bathed in glorious colors in the moments before Sunrise, so we are often gifted with undeserved blessings that we aren't even aware of..." ~C.J.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


"Let go.  Give it up.  You can not control another person...their thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors, actions...and you may have little control over your own feelings and emotions...but what you can control is your own reaction and response to people and situations, your choice of words and comments, your level of interaction, and the kind of personal relationship you will have with others." ~C.J.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

We are "West Virginians"!

We are "West Virginians"...from the State of WEST VIRGINIA, not Virginia or western Virginia.  If you don't know us and where we come from, don't judge us or stereotype us. Come for a visit and find out for yourself that, although there are exceptions (just as in any other place) for the most part, we MOUNTAINEERS are proud, hard-working, family-oriented, well-educated, self-sufficient, good, honest, God-fearing people who take care of our own, our neighbors, and strangers who may be just visiting or passing through. The majority of us whose families have lived in this beautiful area for generations come from the diverse cultures and backgrounds of Native Americans and ancient generations of folks from the areas of Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Wales, Italy, Poland, etc., and each of those unique heritages remain evident in our speech, music, dance, artistic expressions, dress, food, opinions, and lifestyles. Individuals from many other ethnic groups and nationalities now call WV their home, primarily because they have found that we are not racist or prejudiced and they are also amazed by and appreciative of the acceptance, friendliness, helpfulness, pride, and protectiveness of our people. There is something very unique and special about our State and its People and no matter where I may roam, West Virginia will always be my home. May God bless the beautiful hills, valleys, mountains, streams, and rivers of the Mountain State, bless its people, and the country to which we belong.  ~ C.J., A native of "Almost Heaven, Wild and Wonderful WEST VIRGINIA"

~ ~ ~
Posted in response to the ongoing flawed perceptions and 
misconceptions about the State of WV and its People, 
especially perpetuated by the media...
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