Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Renee

April Renee

The sun rose again this morning
As it did yesterday 
Birds are singing their same songs
But there has been a change

Folks are preparing for their day
At work or school or home
Their minds are on the tasks at hand
And problems of their own

But there is one who did not see
The sun rise in the sky
At least not from the bounds of earth
God took her home last night

Things will never be the same
Without her smiling face
Her quiet voice, her gentle touch
Her never-changing grace

Mountains to climb all her life
Taking them one at a time
Keeping her pain all to herself
She'd say "I'm doing fine"

Her battle is now over
She fought it, was so brave
I know her first reward
Was seeing Jesus face-to-face

There will be a void no one can fill
In the lives of all who knew 
This special one who brought us joy
Through the things that she would do

Thinking of others before herself
One project or another
She kept busy taking care of them
A "sister" or a "brother"

So until we meet again up there 
In Heaven fair some day
We'll always think of you and smile
Our dear sweet April Renee

    (I wrote this shortly after receiving word the morning she passed on)

April Renee Allen
April 28, 1967 ~ April 6, 2011

( © Poem and photo by CJ ~ please do not copy)