Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tabatha Nicole

Tabatha Nicole Reed
December 16, 1986 ~ April 7, 2011
           Tabatha Nicole

To us, her time on earth was short
But that was in God's plan
He knew when He would take her back
Before her life began

He chose a special mother
To bless with this child of His
And it changed her life forever
But He knew the love she'd give

The bond was fast and sure
As Trina held her in her arms
She vowed that she would fight for her
And keep her safe from harm

She named her Tabatha Nicole
This baby like no other
With big blue eyes and smiling face
Who dearly loved her mother

The baby girl grew up so fast
Though she battled every day
But she would never give up hope
She knew there'd be a way

Although she never walked or ran
Like others in the race
She'd laugh and clap and cheer them on
Smiles beaming on her face

While we might never understand
She had even more to endure
Tabatha taught us all great lessons
On how to live, for sure

She's the one who encouraged us
When no hope there seemed to be
Her sparkling eyes, her gentle touch
Said, "I'll be all right, you'll see."

She has gone the distance, she's with the Lord
Her prize it has been won
Running, jumping, dancing, singing
Her job on earth is done

( © Poem written by CJ Taylor - please do not copy)

(How appropriate???  Tabatha is a variation in spelling of the name Tabitha and it means "gazelle" in Aramaic. Tabitha in the New Testament was a woman restored to life by Saint Peter. Her name is translated into Greek as Dorcas (see Acts 9:36).)