Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Is This?!?

Suddenly, unexpectedly, and without warning...they come.
Hot, wet, and salty, they flow freely and continually,
blurring my vision, making my eyes swollen and red,
causing my nose to drip profusely,
and producing a lump in my throat so large and painful that  I cannot swallow.
Uncontrollable sobs begin to shake my entire body
and I collapse onto the floor,
overcome with so much emotion
that my knees buckle and I cannot stand.
What is this?  I don't understand it!
I was fine a few moments ago,
going about my daily routine, 
not thinking about anyone or anything in particular....
and then a song comes on the radio
and its haunting melody and lyrics
bring me to this!
It forces me to face all of the things I have been keeping and hiding inside...
all the pain, the hurt, broken promises, shattered dreams...
I feel as if my heart has been ripped apart
and all that had been hidden away in the dark abyss of my soul
comes spilling out and is exposed to the light...
and within a few seconds, the truth of their effects on me has been revealed.
As difficult and painful as it is to experience,
it is in this moment I know that I am not dried up or dead...
my heart is still soft, 
and although it aches and bleeds, it still beats...
sometimes to the tune of a very sad song,
but beating and alive all the same,
with the hope of beating in time to a happier tune tomorrow.

( © Post and photo by C.J. - please do not copy)