Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Someone's "Santa"...

A few days ago, I was on my way into a thrift store and, before I turned the corner to go in through the door, I heard a man's deep voice, speaking very softly and kindly.  When I made the turn, I noticed five or six folks standing just outside the door, including the owner of that voice...a tall, chunky older man who was dressed in a green camouflage shirt and pants, with shoulder-length white hair, white beard, and gold glasses.  Yes, I was somewhat taken aback by his appearance as I took a quick breath in and stopped to watch the interaction.  He was with an older lady who stood just to the side and slightly behind him, smiling.  He was leaning over, and the person he was speaking to was a little boy about a year old who was sitting in a shopping cart whose handle was being held by his momma.  The boy was sitting very still, smiling, unblinking, looking at and listening intently to the older gentleman.  

Then I saw a young woman coming out of the store holding the hand of a little girl who appeared to be about four years old.  The girl was humming, walking and looking down at her own feet.  When she heard the man's voice, even before seeing him, she stopped abruptly, then looking up and seeing the man, her eyes got real big, she tugged on her mother's hand and said quietly but excitedly, "Mommy, Mommy...look!  I think he's a real Santa Claus!  Her mother smiled, and looking at the man, she said, "Yes, honey...I think you're right!"  Everyone in that little group was smiling.  

As I went on into the shop, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if more people were like that wonderful gentleman?  The world needs that every day, not just around Christmas time!".  Then immediately I realized that we all can be!  Most of the time, when we make the choice, each one of us can be a SANTA, just like that gentleman...because what he gave was not a fancy or expensive gift...he gave just a little of his time, personal attention, gentleness, and kindness...not just to his own family and personal friends, but to total strangers.  

Will you be a SANTA to someone today?  You might be the only one they see.  And you just might leave a positive and lasting impression on that person, just like that camo-clad gentleman did on me.

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