Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Morning Thought..."Church"

We have moved so far away from the New Testament meaning of "church". It's not the denomination, the building, a business, a political arena, a social club, a prideful elitist clique that excludes others, a group that feels superior to everyone else, you or all your earthly accomplishments, etc. The "church" is people...people who have recognized, acknowledged, and accepted Christ as the sinless Son of God, their Savior, Redeemer of all their sins, and Lord of their lives; those who have been filled with the Holy Spirit, who teaches, guides, comforts, convicts and chastises them; whose hearts, thoughts, words, actions, and lives have been changed and who show evidence of that change; who work individually and collectively to spread the Gospel and the love of God, being His eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet on Earth; who study the Holy Bible; who pray, worship in Spirit and in Truth, praise, and sing, humbly giving all honor to Him, recognizing and testifying of His glory, majesty, and glorious works; who strive daily to become more Christ-like; who willingly serve rather than feel they are to be served by others.

(Post and photo by C.J. - please do not use or copy without permission. Thanks!)