Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Help me, please!
What do you want, my child?

I am so lost and alone!
You're not lost...and you are never alone.

But I feel like I am!  I feel like I am adrift with no sense of direction.
Take a deep breath, open your eyes, and listen.

Okay, I did that.  I feel a little better.  And at least I know that I am still alive...but I also realize that I am alone and feel as if I have no control, no purpose, no sense of direction.
Go on...

Why was I even born?  So many trials, tears, hurt, pain, and difficulties...
Remember what I told you many years ago?  And you will have complete knowledge one day.

Who is in charge of my life anyway?
You are.

How can I be in charge?  I can't even make the simplest decision anymore!
You need to shut out the noise and confusion of the world.  Listen to your heart.

Who decides which direction I should go?
You do.

How can that be?  I didn't even choose the boat that I've found myself on!
No, but you are a survivor - strong, adaptable, flexible, and capable of taking control of the course it takes.

How do I make this vessel go in the direction I've chosen?
I've given you the tools and instructions throughout your life...just stay calm and follow them.  And the most important thing to remember...is to follow ME.

( © Post and photo by C.J. - please do not copy)