Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let Me Be

When my time comes to leave this earth
just let me fade away
like a star that slowly disappears
just at the break of day

I want no big announcements
no fuss and no commotion
no one to feel that they must come
to pretend and feign emotion

But this I pray, dear Lord above
when I'm gone, some will say
"She left a mark upon my heart and life
that will never go away"

"Her kind words brightened my day
her smile it gave me cheer
she never made me feel 'less than'
and with her I had no fear"

I pray that when they see a star
shining brightly in the night
they'll think of me and remember
each time I shed some light

And let it be a reminder
that although they may not see
forever still there will exist
that bond between them and me

I didn't always say or do
the things I should, I know
but I'd like to be remembered 
for the love that I did show

So let me be that star that shines
and bathes them in the light
gives them hope and reassurance 
that everything will be all right

( © Post and photo by C.J. - please do not copy)