Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So, You Think I'm Avoiding You?

Sometimes avoiding interaction is just easier.  Sometimes it's downright necessary.

Because the MonSter seems to have permanently affected my ability to take in, integrate, interpret, and process the things I see, hear, read, and experience, it is almost impossible to have a "normal" conversation or interaction with anyone. Try thinking of it as an electrical device that is prone to "short-circuiting".   Because of where the MonSter has attacked specific areas in my brain, my response to your questions or comments might be awkwardly delayed.  Or quite often I might not be able to "find" the correct word that I want to say.  Or I might just give you that "blank" look because my brain is not currently able to keep up with what is being said.  You may think I'm not paying attention or I just don't care about the topic of conversation.  All of this usually leads to frustration on my part and impatience, hurt, or even anger on your part.

You think I'm shy, stuck up, or disinterested because I don't talk?  Truth is, much of the time I have a lot of  memory lapses, difficulty comprehending, speaking, getting words out, or simply following the conversation.  How can you help?  Understand that some days and some times are worse than others; give me a little extra time to "catch up" during the conversation; and don't try to rush my answers or finish my sentences for me.  Most importantly, please don't get angry, irritated, or impatient about something over which I have no control.

( © Post and photo by CJ Taylor ~ please do not copy)