Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh No, Not the Board!

I knew.  Just as soon as I made the effort to get up out of the bed this morning.  I suspected it when I awoke to go to the bathroom and just change sleeping positions during the night.

What did I do yesterday?  I did not run 10 miles; I did not kickbox for an hour; I did not Zumba or dance for hours while watching "Dancing with the Stars" on tv last night. It was a fairly light day filled with routine activities like doing laundry,  washing dishes, and shopping for groceries.  That certainly doesn't explain why my body feels like this!

Yes, this is definitely a "Board" day.  I could reach into my imaginary box of signs that have one-word descriptive labels written on them and pull out the one that has "Board" written on it and hang it around my neck.  If my husband would see this word on me when he gets up this morning, he would immediately know the connotation and would not even have to ask how I am feeling.

I have to give credit to our dear departed friend, Gordie, for this particular label.  It comes from one of the answers he would give when asked "How are you today, Gordie?"  and he would say "I feel like I've been beat with a BOARD!"

( © Post and photo by CJ Taylor ~ please do not copy)