Friday, February 17, 2012

Joy, Peace, and Contentment...

People are constantly looking for real joy, peace, and contentment....but most are looking in the wrong places. Money cannot buy these things. They cannot be found in a bottle of alcohol, a handful of pills, or a mixture of toxic chemicals.  They are also absent in gambling casinos, profane movies, or pornography. Multiple sexual partners, extramarital affairs, and perverse or deviant behavior are void of them. Any of these things might provide a moment of perceived pleasure, but the stuff of real joy, peace, and contentment only comes when that special place in your heart and core of your being is occupied by Jesus Christ. It's "His room" and no one else and nothing else can fill it and make you complete and give you a joy and peace that surpasses all human understanding, in the face of any adversity, than inviting Him in to live with you daily, to walk with you, guide you, and be your constant companion....All you need to do is ask.  ~ C.J.

"The joy of the Lord is my strength."

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